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NOTE: Open for season 6 orders - boosters online 24/7. No downtime.

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Specific champions at +20% cost.

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NOTE: You are purchasing net wins, this means if you buy 10 wins and your booster loses 5 games, he will give you 15 wins so that you will receive 10 wins more than losses.

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Specific champions at +13% cost.

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Approximate boost time: 0 days


Duo Queue Boosting


LBL_NOTEYou are purchasing a certain amount of games (not wins or tier/divs). You will play on your own account while duo queuing with one of our diamond or challenger boosters.


Old Price : $150

Unranked Division Boosting

For you who have 0 ranked losses this season.

Last Season Standing

NOTE: This option is for anyone who wish to be guaranteed a rating after placement games. It also means that if you buy Unranked - Diamond 5 and the booster places in silver, he will play until your account is Diamond. He will always play until you get the rating you bought.

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Specific champions at +15% cost.

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Placement Games 8/10 wins guaranteed!

Rank Season 5

NOTE: 8/10 wins guaranteed!* With the biggest client and booster base LoLBoost provides you with the absolute best placement games results for a great start to season 6! Read more below under Placement Boosting!

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Specific champions at +17% cost.

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Approximate boost time: 0-1 days


Normal Draft

Choose the amount of normal games you want us to play.

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NOTE: This option is for those who want a booster to play Normal Draft Games instead of Ranked.

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Specific champions at +19% cost.

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Buy Net Wins instead of games at +30% cost.

Approximate boost time: 0-1 days


Did you ever feel like you are not at the rank you deserve? Are you stuck in a place where you don't belong? We are here to get you out of elo hell! Our experts will play on your account and boost you as fast as humanly possible. Available on NA, OCE, EUW, EUNE, RUS, BR, TR, LAN and LAS servers! What are you waiting for? Buy your LoL Boosting today from - With over 2 million clients rating us as number 1 you won't be dissapointed! For other paymnet methods than PayPal and Credit/Debit cards, click here

Why you should choose LoLBoost

If you choose us you will be choosing the #1 LoL Boosting Service! We have better service, better boosters and a better win ratio than any other website. We have been around since season 1 and we have boosted more than 2 million accounts. Here are some reason why we are a better choice for you than anyone else:

  • 100% Anonymous. Our boosters are professional and will never speak to anyone while boosting your account. None of your friends will ever know you were boosted.
  • The safest boosting service. All of LoLBoost's boosters will use a VPN with a custom IP address while on your account. No games played by our boosters can be traced back to LoLBoost in any way. Buying an elo boost from us is the safest possible option. Our banrate is less than 0.01% with over 2 million accounts boosted. No other websites have anything close to these numbers and that is one of the reasons we are the biggest and most trusted boosting company on the market. 
  • The best Quality. Our players are great at what they do, they are all Diamond 1, Master or Challenger rated in the current season and they know how to carry all the way up to Challenger.
  • The best Tools. We have great tools to help you enjoy the boosting process and for communicating with our players. Once you make a profile on our site, you will have access to a chat with your booster, a self-updated match history tool and a way to talk to the admins directly from your profile. Feel free to ask your booster questions via the chat and check your progress on your boost at any time!
  • Watch and learn. You can spectate the games played by us with a secondary account. If it is not already added to your main account leave us a message with your summoner name.
  • Pause your order. Because we are the best we have created a system where you can Pause and Resume your order, and as long as your account is paused our players will not play on your account. This way you can go play a few normal or custom games and still play on your main account.

How to Order

Step one

Use the price calculator to fill in your current Solo/Duo Queue League Division and LP gain (LP gain is only required for tier/div boosting). If you do not know this information you can do the following:

  • Log in to your League of Legends accounts and press the profile button.
  • Note your current tier and division, for example Gold Tier, Division II.
  • To see how many League Points (LP) you get per win you need to check the top left corner of the end game screen after a ranked victory.

Fill in your account information to the left where it says: "current standing". Then fill in your desired new rank to the right where it says: "Desired standing".

Step two

Confirm that the information you have entered is correct, and agree to our terms of use before you click purchase (the price will be on the purchase button).


Step three

You will be redirected to fill out your account information and your personal information. You will need to create a username and a password that you will use to log in to your members area on our site.


Step four

After this you will be redirected to PayPal where you can choose your payment option. Please note that if you don't have a Paypal account, you can pay with a Credit Card without creating an account. PayPal has a myriad of payment options you can choose from, both credit card, debit card, paypal balance, e-check and more. PayPal is the world leader in payments on the internet and therefore 100% safe, we currently don't offer other payment methods than the ones offered with PayPal, but be assured that there should be a payment method you own that they accept. If you want to pay with skrill or paysafe cards, please email [email protected]


Final step

After you pay for your order your registration will be complete and you can now login to our site and follow your boost, pause our service (if you want to play some normal or custom games), talk with the booster on your account and, of course, see the progress on your account.

How it works?

From now on your account will be available to LoLBoost's pro players, and after a short wait time a booster will be assigned to your account. There will only be ONE booster on your accaount through the entire boost, unless you request a booster change. This way your account will be much safer than if many boosters had access, and Riot will have a hard time detecting the elo boosting as your IP will only be from one other person. In addition, all the LoLBoost boosters will use an VPN while on your account, which makes their IP untraceable and makes sure your account is as safe as possible during your LoL boosting experience.  


Our experts will always be respectful and they will never use your account for their personal purpose. They will also never use your RP without asking your first, and they will not talk to anyone on your friends list. You can always sign in to our members area to check out your progress, and you are always welcome to spectate from your smurf account or use spectating tools such as Spectateus and LoLQuickfind . According to our statistics your order will usually take about 2 days for each 10 wins once your account has started, and if your LP gain is normal and you have bought a Tier or a Divison, the booster normally does 1 division every 1-2 days. Sit back, enjoy the experience and watch as your booster soars out of elo hell and into the Tier of your choosing!

The Different Types of Boosting

Buying Guaranteed League/Division Boosting

When you buy a guaranteed league or division boost we will boost your account until it reaches the tier/division that you chose when you purchased our service. If your LP gain drops much lower than what you selected when you purchased, you can choose to either convert your order into wins or pay the extra fee, the amount of which is calculated based on our boosting calculators above. If you have purchased a tier or a division boost, we ask that you do NOT play any ranked solo/duoqueue games on your account until your boost is finished. If you do play ranked we will convert your LoL Boosting order into wins.


Buying wins

If we lose a game on your account, it counts as -1 win. If you order 10 wins and our boosters lose 4 games, we will win 14 games for you. This means we will play on your account until we have 10 more victories than defeats. You should buy wins when your LP gain is less than 10 LP per win. When you buy wins you are allowed to play ranked games in between our games, as long as you make sure your account is paused. Please note that the wins scale, so if you go up in rating during the boost, the wins will scale back according to the price. You can only pause your account when a booster has not locked in your acc. If a booster is playing on your account, it will show as locked, and when he is done playing it will be unlocked, or available for you.

Buying Unranked League/Division Boosting

If your account is unranked with 0 ranked losses in the current season, you are eligible to purchase unranked league/division boosting. If you have any ranked losses you have to purchase unranked wins instead. When you purchase unranked division boosting, one of our professional boosters will go on your account, complete your placement matches, and keep boosting you until you reach the league you paid for. If your account was gold V or higher last season, the price will be slightly lower than if you were unranked or below gold V, because your MMR will likely place you in gold or higher when our boosters win 8 or more of your placement matches. If you state that your last season standing is higher than it actually was, additional payment will be required. Please make sure you do not play any ranked games until your boost is completed.

Buying Placement Boosting

If you want to be off to a good start in the new season, buying placement boosting is a great option for you! The games will be played by our high tier diamond 1, master and challenger boosters who normally win most the games they play. When you purchase placement games we ask that you do not play on your own account until the boost is complete. *We guarantee 8/10 wins. If, for any reason, we lose more than 2 games, you will be rewarded with additional TWO wins per loss after 2 losses. Please note that if the booster goes up one whole division after placement games, your boost will be counted as completed.

Why should you buy a LoL Boost?

LoL boosting has been the name of the game for us since 2012, we have always strived to be the best place to buy elo boost. We do our best to achieve customer satisfaction and provide a variety of services to help you learn how to play LoL from coaching, guides and vods to boosting itself! Here at we want to be your source of League of Legends boosting, we try our best to make the service as pain free and as informative as possible! We have livechat, private messaging and a live update to view your match history and check your progress during the boost! We have multiple support staff to help you out with any questions you may have for us! Our boosters are all Diamond 1/Master/Challenger players, many of which are ex-LCS players, and most of them have a lot of tournament experience, thus providing you with an authentic ‘pro’ experience when purchasing from us. Our League of Legends elo boosting takes every precaution possible to keep your account safe. So what are you waiting for? Get a League of Legends elo boost today from LoL Boost and enjoy a safe, professional and thoroughly enjoyable experience!


LoL Boost match history

LoL Boosting Order - Match History. 


Very good coach, He was patient, helpful and very knowledgeable. I had some coaching from other people before and yet he still managed to teach me new ways to see the game and new possibilities.

Darryen Richardson

Best Coaching ever!! Very Friendly!! Recommend!!

Kyu Sung Cho

Helped in multiple aspects of the game, including scenerios, and dynamics of the role. impressed with the amount of knowledge Snow has, Highly recommend to anyone that needs help on any level of the game ^_^

Kaleb Boudreaux

Great guide! Gives good advice on laning phase, mechanics, and counter picks

Tre D

Was my first ever coaching lesson and I feel like I learnt a lot in such a short time ;D I would definitely recommend Vince, he's super friendly and has great coaching skills. He goes over everything and explains every aspect in a way that's easy to understand. Vince is just a 10/10 top bloke :')

Renee Taylor

Talented player, very insightful. Identified my key problems in a respectful manner and helped me challenge my thought process.

Jake Jones

Great player, good communication and coaches while you play! A+

Remy de Vries

Very pleased. Thank you, Jonathan

Jonathan Lin

really awsome he know how too play and carry game and help other lane if i get more duo game if request this man

Maxime Roussel

Great boost with great speed. One of the best boosts ever.

Justin Hong

Absolutely excellent, friendly, knowledgeable, informative. Overall an excellent service, thank you!!!

David Dracoules

Bimby is the man...He's skipped divisions both time he's boosted for me...and I wont lie hes been well worth the money...If people read this stuff make sure you tip him to show your love

Patrick Moss

Rice has done it again and made my week. He was very kind, listened to my messages and responded with a complete professional attitude 10/10 service

Joshua Beaumont

Unbelievable booster. He won everygame besides one. I have no words for how amazing he is.

Blake Spratt

Guy was perfect, this was my 2nd time using this site and i will be back now for a 3rd 4th and 5th

Adam Dohrman

Exemplary service as always. Much satisfied.

Dan P

All i can say is FCKN AWESOME ! My booster was really good he lost only 2 or 3 games he carried my acoount from plat 3 to diamond in 3 days and only played 6-8 hours per day ! Cool service Best Boosters ! and really FAST ! Gj guys and Thank you .

Murat Öbekli

They did my order asap , everything were fast and trusted!I love these guys!

Stine Larson

Most reliable boosting page on the internet!

Marko is the greatest, did my boost in 12 hours from Gold 5 - Gold 3

Craig Gallimore

My Coach taught me how to become a great player, I have raised myself 4 diviisions so far :)


I got boosted by these great guys


Duo queue games were fun and fast, we won every game and also had fun playing.


I wasn't very good at this game, trying to play with friends, but lolboost helped me become a better player.


Boosting and coaching were most useful for me, I spectated my booster and now I'm diamond 2!