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Hello there, I'm 24 years old and I'm a veteran LoL player - I've played it since the early beta, first reached top elo levels by the end of the second season, and was one of the first challengers in the third season. I'm also an experienced captain of various LoL teams, having coached and guided a lot of people in these past years. 

I've played each of the roles professionally at some point, and my speciality is breaking all the possible game knowledge into the most basic of principles and their subsequent categorization. So basically, no matter your role or your current level of play, I will always be able to find the exact points you need to train next in order to improve yourself.

What I offer:

With the help of 1v1 custom games and analyzing both your replays and, if requested, my own replays from any role, I will teach you, exactly where to look and how to think in order to achieve any set goal, be it winning of the lane, assembling the perfect item build for any given game, maximizing your presence in mid-game (or early-game for junglers) or excelling in teamfights.

Above all that, I will teach you to analyze and prioritize, so that at the every single point of the game you will know what is that exactly you need to do to achieve victory. If you ever caught yourself now knowing whether you should stay at your lane or move to another, join the teamfight or avoid it, engage or not, then my lessons are for you. 

Last but not least, I can offer something special for those who already are at the high enough level to excel at the above points, but still find yourself losing. My motto is that every single 5v5 SoloQ game can be won by you and you alone, no matter how good or bad your teammates are - you just need to know the way. Basically, there are more levers to affect the game than most players are aware of, and by learning to find and utilize them, you can learn to be the only one who truly controls the game, and can lead to victory every single match that is possible to win.