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My hr includes, game knowledge and judgement making, how to shot call, theory crafting, and indepth calculations. General mechanics practice is also up for request. after the session of time, i will spectate your game, save the replay, and go over small mistakes that everyone can brush up on with pretty diagrams and such. My lessons can be provided in Chinese or English, or a little bit of japanese if it allows you to understand a little bit clearer.

I have been a high elo player (so i think) since season 1 with 2000 rating. I now mainly play adc and train mid plat players to reach for their goals of diamond. i feel that solo que is half luck half skill, but with the small tips and tricks i have learnt from playing in every elo, there are techniques that everyone can incorportate into the game to slowly help them improve greatly.

My love for the game comes from a long background of professional gaming, CS 1.6 Guild wars, WoW, Dota, Hon. My favourite champion in League of Legends is Tristana, i love the way that she scales from being a strong all in champion at low levels into a feared ADC in the late game.

Do not think of me as a coach merely waiting for the time to expire, i follow up every coaching session with random spectates, patch note updates, how the patches change champion playstyle, and small tips/tricks for every patch. Students can ask me any questions on skype, and i will try to answer to the best of my ability.

I have an in-depth knowledge of the game as i have been playing since the very beginning, following the evolution. and that will help me help you understand the game better