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Update: For people who wanna get coached by me, please have this options opened so your coaching can get full expirience, be able to stream your games with obs or xsplit, I personally think OBS will be better program, because sometimes xsplit get's a bit buggy, and streaming should be on hitbox, since there is almost no delay there, or we can play through skype, ''sharing screen option'' same as streaming on site, only this way it's a bit different and it 90% chances requires a client to go from full screen game mode, to borderless or windowed, in worse case scenario, if you can't have this options opened, then will just have to spectate through the game with a 3 min delay, but we will always manage something.



In my future students and current ones I'm adding something I call ''Healthy Crtisicism'' , in our coaching sessino I will be more indirect and criticize then I usually do, that way I will pin point the mistakes better so the client can know what he did wrong, generally I'm a nice person so it will be hard for me to do this, but I will give my best, science have proven that criticize-ing people will make them do better stuff, It's on internet so it must be true :)

My Profile:

  • Age: 19
  • Roles: Adc,Mid,Jungle,Sup,Top
  • Availability: Everyday, all day
  • When did you start playing: Season 1
  • From: Serbia
  • Language: Serbian, English
  • Servers I can coach on: Euw, Eune, TR, RU, NA ( basically on all servers, as long as I dont have 400+ ping )


Some Stuff:

(My most played champions in season 4)

(Challenger Season 3-4)


Some background:

Hello there, my name is Nemanja or you can call me Nemus :). I've been playing this game for nearly 4 years, and through time I have learnt nearly everything there is to know about this game. I have been in a couple of high elo ranked teams, and I have reached the top 100 Challenger players on my server. I finished season one with over 900 points and 1200 in season 2. I finished season 3 in platinum 1, and am currently in Challenger 600lp in our current season. I've won couple of Go4lol Balkan tournaments, and even won 2nd place on League Of Legends - Serbia tournament which was the most competitive national tournament in my country and recently won Ingato Euro Championship as the best team in Europe. My strongest roles are Marskman, Support, Midlane, Jungle and Top lane.

What will you get from my coaching:

If you choose me as your coach I will pass onto you as much knowledge as possible, not only through theory lessons but practical game analysis as well.  I will ensure that you finish my lessons with a deep understanding of your desired champions, lanes and their respective mechanics. I will give you tips and advice on how to quickly improve your game and give you all the tools you need to start carrying every game that you encounter a bad team in.

Here are some of the features of my coaching:
-I will show you how to trade damage with your opponents, which is vital for every lane in the game.

-I will teach you how to counter other people champions and how to still dominate lane even when they counter you.

-I will teach you the strengths and weaknesses of champions and how to win trades even in difficult situations, such as 1v2, 1v3 or even 1v4.

-I will teach you the true mindset when it comes to playing the games, you won’t ever get mad again - remember you lose some you win some!

-I will teach you how to properly position yourself in team fights doesn't matter what role you still have to position yourself properly. It doesn’t matter how fed the enemy is, with challenger level positioning any teamfight can be won.

Please bear in mind that every session is customised to your individual desires. The above are just a small taste of what I offer.

How we can practise:

I will do anything I can to help you succeed, meaning I can duo with you, I can play against you in a custom match to find your areas that need improving, I can even analyse your games by rewatching them and explaining to you what you could have improved in each situation. Now please bear in mind that the way we practice depends on how much time we have available, but rest assured I will always use the most effective method of learning for you.