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I play on NA server and my main roles are mid ,jungle and top.I started playing league at season 2 .Lessons can be given in ENGLISH or Russian, I was diamond 1 70lp season 3 and in season 4 and 5 I played on master account. I have almost 3 years experience of League of Legends, and I initially started in bronze elo, and climbed all the way to my current position; I was a top player in dota 1.What you will be getting from my lessons:

First of all we can go through your rune,mastery pages and skill order.

I can teach you how to build the right items in different situations,

how to pressure your lane in mid,how to  play properly in general.

I can teach you how to play in jungle and where exactly you need to put pressure or how to predict where the enemy jungler will be .

I can teach you how to position right and how to improve you as player and get out of your division!

What can we do?

We can play a Duo-queue game (normal), where I will give you advice during the game over any mistakes you make

I can spectate your games and show what mistakes you made and tell you how to make an optimal decision next time.

We can play custom 1vs1 game and work on your lane mechanics in mid or top . After every game we can discuss what you did right and what you need to improve on.

Its really can help you to carry games solo when you do things right and dont do mistakes.