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Snow - Professional Gaming


                   » Current Rank: Challenger
                   » Thousand+  hours coaching experience
                   » Coaching for 2 years, worldwide!
                   »  Age: 22
                   »  Challenger Team  +  Played in several professional/semi professional teams
                   »  Availability: Almost always (my timezone is Gmt+1)
                   »  Server: Euw/Eune/Tr/Na  but coaching on all servers.
                   »  From: Germany

                    » Writing lots of guides (You can find them here:
                    » I do have a properly set up coaching schedule.
                  So in case you order coaching you can register yourself at a day & time of your choice
                   (prevents long waiting times)

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League of Legends Coaching

(That picture shows how I started in season 4)


                             Coaching in League of Legends


I started coaching over 2 years ago and did thousands of lessons ever since.
I am certainly one of the best & most experienced Coach you can find.
If you want to improve as individual player or as a team, I will put all my efforts into your aims.
I am always looking forward to new students, lets rock the League :)

1. Snow:
My Name is Snow ^_^, and I am playing League since the beginning. I started playing ranked's at Season 1 and climbed the Ladder very fast. (Platinum in Season 1). I am used to play with professionals together in Soloque since the beginning of LoL.
I played every role during those 3 years of soloque and tried to master everthing as good as I can!
My strongest roles are Jungle, Adc, Mid and Support.
My experience on those roles are very widespread as well, since I played a lot competitive with many serious & professional teams
(Training every day for atleast 5 hours and Tournaments, such as Go4lol).

                   Some demonstration:

                   » Top & Jungle: &
                   » Adc & Support: &
                   » Jungle & Support:
                   » Midlane: Going to upload soon.

2. My role as a coach:
I will do my best to make you a better & smarter player! :)
If you already have a concept and know your failures, then I will help you to improve the way you want.
If you are not sure how you can improve, but you want to finaly get out of your division, then I am going to make a coaching concept.
We would simply talk about you as a player and your aims to figure out which training is the best for you, because I am able to make a professional out of you. I want you to think 3-4 steps ahead to read the mind of your enemies and put the game in your hands.


  • General LoL options (Many ppl are playing with wrong options and did not enable tools which are often needed to win.)
  • Mastery pages, Runes, Skill order
  • Synergy at the Teampicks
  • How to play your role & situational behaviour during lane phase (reactions, trading, positioning)
  • How to improve as individual player & in soloque (or in your team, if you have one)
  • Shotcalling
  • Positioning (which is one of the most important points.
    I noticed that most player lose their teamfights and their games because of bad positioning)
  • Basically all the Stuff you are worried about / you have questions about.

After we did the theory we will get the practice going. :)
You can either decide what you want or you can ask me about my opinion, what I think is best for you & how you can improve your play.

          Practice can be things like:

  • playing together (mb as Support/Adc)
  • playing against (practise the laning phase)
  • spectating your ranked games and discus them/ analyze your mistakes,
    make you understand what you did and what you should have done.

          You always have the final decision though:

  • If you are bored by theory we can just go for practise/duoque.
  • If you prefer to learn as much as you can: I can accompany you over several hours, until you achieve your dreams.
  • If you dont want to buy many hours: Lets do the best out of the time we have or rush everything to give you as much as wen can for your improvement

    Attention: if you playing on NA or OCE and you want to go for DUOQUE, then you may need to wait some days until we can start. It depends on how fast I get provided with an NA/OCE account.