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LAST UPDATE: 23/06/2015



Quick profile:

Age: 22



Availability: almost always

Servers:  EUW/EUNE/TR/NA servers but I coach everywhere

Roles: Every role and position with most experience in jungling



You're probably thinking right now "who the hell is that guy?"

I've been a coach for for over a year now with hundreds of hours of experience behind my back.

My name's V - a Veteran Vengeful Vicious and Vixenish Vanguard of the highly Violent Virulent and Volatile game some of us call home.

That's right. It might be full of trolls but still home ( +still better than this pesky british government and High Chancellor Sutler).


2)LoL Achievements

As much as it seems amusing  - some people apparently like to check and compare who of us nerds and Anonymous has spent the most time derping around in an illustrious quest to Catch 'em' all. Then again, I'd probably do the same before offering my money and soul to some masked troll living in a cave somewhere in Tibet  - in exchange for epic gaming skills.

Good. Let's go on with the criminal data, remember to clear browsing history afterwards.


Subject codename: V

Experience in MOBA games:

  • 6 years of DotA Allstars competetive gaming on WC3 TFT platform (also played a lot of ladder and got to #5 in FFA)

  • 2011 - started playing League of legends

Solo Queue 5vs5 ranked achievements: 

  • Season 1:  2220 Elo

  • Season 2:  2460 Elo

  • Season 3: Diamond 1 80+ LP - ~2520 elo

  • Season 4: Challenger

Other achievements:

  • Played for various semi-pro teams such as Absolute Legends (which later evolved into CLG EU); team Sypher, wanna-be member of team elohell.

  • Season 2: Rank #2 on  3vs3s Twisted Treelane (EUW)

  • Over 20000 individual games played 

  • Over 1 year and several hundred hours of coaching experience

  • Played all champions in the jungle long before Phreak

  • Best support Vel'koz Africa


3) So how does it actually work?

Each and every coaching lesson is individual and I'm doing my very best to adapt to my students' needs, wishes and ambitions.

During our lessons -  You are the master and I am there to help and solve every potential problem while developing Your gaming potential.

Learn to unleash Your inner Dyrus today! 

Coaching can be done in multiple ways, such as:

  • A discussion about the background and basics - runes, masteries, summoner spells. builds and items, match-ups and champions which are the strongest in the current patch - with a detailed explanation WHY so You don't have to ask the same every single patch but will be able to develop on the patchnotes.
  • Playing duoQ together in comparative roles (adc+support / mid lane + jungle / top lane + jungle etc) with a challenger insight on Your gameplay and ideas on how to carry the game beginning laning phase, how to use the snowball properly and how to lead the team to victory.
  • Me observing Your gameplay through a shared desktop/streaming/spectator mode - and leaving  a thorough analysis afterwards including all the pros and contras, the details to improve and focus on both when it comes to mechanical issues, champion mastery, game knowledge or the mindset of champion. 
  • You observing my gameplay through a shared desktop/streaming/spectator mode - with my commentary and insight on the game with detailed explanation on all the decisions made etc.
  • 1vs1 custom game practice - Test Yourself against a challenger - practice laning phase with desired champions and learn how to outplay and out-cs opponents in no time - includes in-depth understanding of a champion mindset and mechanics as well as his role in a team.
  • Analysis or either Your or my replays - probably the most detailed one due to unrunning time.
  • General discussion and theorycrafting - get Your questions answered and feel free to talk about League - we might as well spend some time talking but playing seems like more fun :D
  • Anything else You can think of - having a plan for Yourself is great and helps with setting goals and making progress much faster.​

4) Stomping the ladder with Your dreamteam or even IRL friends - Team Coaching 


Similarly to an individual coaching - but focusing on the whole team as a unit while taking into account individual players.

Having played in high elo competetive teams I bring to the table a vast set of skills and knowledge on how to outmaneuver Your adversaries before the game even starts. From picks and bans and teamcompositions into objective - focused strategy, maintaining godlike map control and finishing the game with a dive into the fountain and the enemy nexus exploding twice - All else we could ask for is Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture.

For all of the people who DO want to increase the synergy with their teammates and really start to understand the words such as " Team", " Objectives", "Warding" as well as "Smite" "Wejustlostthebaron" and "WHATTHEHELLAREYODOING" -  I welcome You guys for training :)


5) What do I get from this? And how many hours should I buy to learn something?

Just like many other things in life - in depends. On You. Partly on me and my mood but the vast majority of the work is Yours to be done. I can only show You the door. It's a sort of a Morpheus - Neo relation :)

If You're ready to have the game secrets unveiled -  off to the rabit hole!


  • 1 hour  -  With 1 hour we will most likely go through 2 very short or one average-lenght game with an analysis attached and some theory.
  • 2 hours - 3 games to be played/analysed, 2 hours is a good enough time to learn any champion given and start the practice on the way to his mastery.
  • 3 hours - 3 hours is pretty much any role with many details into it or for instance 2 new champions to be learned OR 3-4 games and some custom games practice + theory
  • 4 hours and more - for each 4 hours You get a free one (making it 5) and at this point we can pretty much devise Your own legit coaching schedule.