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Hey, I Normally coach on the side. I'm a top lane main mostly, but I've played up to diamond 2 as a marksman and jungle main., I've been diamond throughout almost my whole league career. Season 1 and 2 I was bronze and plat, reached diamond 1 in season 3 and season 4 challenger with multiple master tier smurfs. I'm not gonna say I can't play the other roles as well, just the knowledge isn't all there as I would with those two roles, mostly top though. The most in depth coaching you can get from me is from top lane. I played in many nacs teams and am still in the challenger scene today. I have an extremely flexible schedules for all who request me, I can be up almost all times in the day or night. 

What kind of coaching do you do? 

Basically I do whatever fits you, would you like to duo with me and let me tell you what you're doing wrong in game and what you should do in those situations? Or would you rather me watch replays with you over your play that we can analyze completely? The latter may sound better, but just remember that you don't always remember what you were doing when you were playing that game, like what decisions brought you to doing certain things. While in game it will be easier to figure out your thought process throughout the entire game, but at the same time analyzing a replay will help me understand your mentality on the game and the things that go on. Replays help me understand your mentality on the game and though process in lanes, while playing with me helps me understand your decisions currently going on.