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Hey my name is Oleg, and i have been playing LoL since mid season 1. From the start i played it for fun as all of you, till i found out that i have the skill to go as high as i want. I got to rank 7 on eune mid season 2, then i transfered to EUW to see the competition.

I have played with most of the current LCS players , eigher in Soloq or in Ranked teams. 

My aim as a coach is to show you first of all what your weakpoints are. 
I usually tend to go more indeapth of how the game should evolve and how you should progress for you. Giving inside of how the high elo players play is my way of doing things. Ofcourse if you have some special spots that we need to work on we can do that. 
In my oppinion the best way to learn the game is by learning from the pros. Eighter from copy/paste their actions or evolving them to your playstyle it's all a matter of choice and skill of the student. 

The things i mostly keep in track in my coaching lessons are -  map awearness , game knowledge , positionsing , decision making and ability to get from behind in the game or snowball when you are ahead. 

If you want to be playing on a high level or even with an avarage level people, you need some kind of an edge over them. The thing i offer in my coaching sessions is that extra little bit of knowhow to beat the enemies that everyone is asking for. 
Wheather if you are wondering why you cant win when you are supremely far ahead in a game or weather you are asking how to get ahead.... you can get the knowledge from me. As I am an experienced player on a highelo base. I can teach you to play every role you want to , especially mid /  adc  and jungle. 

If you want to be stomping your current competition -  all you need to do is ask for a lesson and the next ladder step will come to your sight. 
I am available most of the time during the weekdays, and if said in advance during the weekends ;)