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Very Quick background information:

*I have multiple D2/D1 accounts.

*I play all roles at the same level of experience except jungle, which I don't have much experience in.

*I play a variety of champs, including non-meta champions.

I offer 3 types of coaching:

(1) Customized coaching- you give me a list of things you want me to go over with percentage of time you want me to spend on that aspect.

Example: -champion pool (20%)
-runes and masteries (10%)
-VOD review (50%)
-Objective control (20%)

(2) Problem-solution coaching - you give me a problem (or a list of problems in order of priority) that you're having, and I prepare solutions for dealing with the problem(s), and how to come up with your own solutions.

Example: I struggle with:
(1) winning lane
(2) closing out games
(3) winning games

(3) Overview coaching - I will go over all the aspects that I think will help you best for your particular rank, and coming up with solutions on your own to any potential problems that you might face in that particular elo. This is an effective approach since you have to keep in mind that different tiers will certainly have similar problems (have to carry your team, lots of mistakes that can be abused), but the solutions and/or the problems themselves WILL differ from tier to another.

A good example of this is the following: You have player 1 struggling to climb to gold from silver, and you have a player 2 struggling to climb to diamond from platinum.

both players have to carry their team mates - how they go about doing so effectively can be different. Player 1 might have to carry his team mates by killing his lane opponent 5+ times and teamfighting, while player 2 might have to farm and split-push, which are two completely different play styles. One can be abused more than the other in a certain elo, making it a better play style.