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MALPHITE Rock Solid Baby! -Season 6 Guide
Made for season 5! Climb to Masters&Challenger with this great, in depth Malphite guide. Includes over 7k words, videos pictures, tips&tricks as well as hours of coaching content.
S6- Fizzically carry the ladder! Guide
Extremely indepth guide on Fizz. This guide will teach you enough to reach Challenger. Includes over 8k words, step by step videos, pictures, tips&tricks and coaching content
The way of assassination - Patch 6.3 Guide
Jungle Rengar by Challenger player. Created for the new patch and the new jungle. Pictures, Videos, Jungle paths, Match ups and much, much more! Works from Bronze – Master.
Ultimate Riven Guide, Climbing Has Never Been So Easy! Updated Guide
In depth Riven guide 7000+ words by a high master/challenger player, illustrations and short videos on several different combos you could pull off including animation cancelling and wallhops and much much more!