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The Ultimate Support Bundle

The absolute best support guides online, all here in this special discounted bundle! Learn how to carry your whole team from the Support position, and awe your ADC in the process!

Personal Coaching with Snow for 1 hours
Half off coaching with one of our top rated Challenger support players! Snow can teach you everything you need to know to carry your team from the support role!
Janna - Top tier Support [UPDATED FOR S6]. Detailed, Clear and Extremely In-Depth Guide
Completely fresh guide written specifically for season 5! Over 10k words, many videos and pictures. Includes everything about Janna + Overall support role + Tips&Tricks + SoloQ Win Techniques and Self improvement + the secret art of comebacks and more!
Blitzcrank - The Spank Tank Guide
Extremely in depth Blitzcrank guide by Season 4 Challenger player. Includes pictures, videos, tips&tricks, tutorials and coaching content.
The father of all supports - Thresh Guide
Supports can't carry games? THINK AGAIN! Carry yourself in any elo with this ultimate guide! Guide made by a season 4 challenger player!
Extreme in depth, carry as support! UPDATED Guide
Extremely in depth guide by our most experienced Coach. Includes video material + coaching content + tips and tricks to master Leona & dominate soloque :)!
To Heal and Protect! - The true support Guide
The one and only true support - Soraka. A guide, by a Season4 top 70 challenger player, with in-depth descriptions, tons of matchups, videos and more!
[Patch 6.5]The counter of all supports - The Fallen Angel Guide
A guide by a season 4 top70 EUW challenger support! Videos, in-depth information, all of the support matchups and more!
Braum - The unbreakable wall Guide
Includes matchups, items, skill leveling order, early/mid/late game information, 8 videos, tips and tricks and more! Crazy in-depth guide by a top 60 euw challenger support player!
Victory is assured - The Enlightened One Guide
Dominate any lane in any elo with this amazing guide. Includes matchups, tips and tricks, videos, in-depth description for every phase of the game and m...