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Get these amazing guides from a top rated Challenger player. Aleksey has an insane success rate with helping players reach their full potential and helping them going all the way from Bronze to Diamond.

Udyr - Channel Your Primal Animal Spirits! -- UPDATED Guide
Learn everything you need to know when playing Udyr Jungle.
Your Ultimate Comprehensive Fiddlesticks Guide - Carrying From the Jungle -- UPDATED Guide
Learn to carry to Challenger! 1700+ Jungle Fiddle games of experience within one extremely in-depth guide with many hours of coaching content!
Your Ultimate Comprehensive Rammus Guide - Roll Over the Competition -- UPDATED Guide
Roll over your competition with an amazing, extremely in-depth guide from a Challenger Jungler!
Smash The Competition - Comprehensive Vi Guide -- UPDATED Guide
The ultimate Vi guide teaching you my Challenger secrets and playstyle! Fist-fulls of amazing content to help you master Vi!
Ultimate Amumu Guide! - Bronzodia, the Little Yordle Who Does it All! -- UPDATED Guide
Put the team on your little back and learn to carry with Amumu at a Challenger level! Amazing videos, tips, and coaching content ensures you master this amazing champion!