Sejuani Video Guide + Commentated Gameplay

Detailed guide by a challenger jungle main to help you master one of the strongest junglers in the game! Includes a fully commentated game to give you a sense of how to play her better.

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One of Lolboost's top rated vod and guide maker bringing you another critically acclaimed guide, this time on the hidden OP jungler Sejuani!

This guide features 44 minutes of highly informative material about Sejuai.

It contains

  • Strengths and weaknesses of Sejuani.
  • Breakdown of abilities and how to get the most out of them.
  • Runes/masteries and reasoning behind them.
  • Breakdown of effective items and what to build in every situation
  • An entire game commentated by one of the best NA soloQ junglers, Aleksey.
  • Will update with patch changes in description.

Not only will this guide teach you how to play Sejuani effectively, but it aims to give you an understanding of all the content in it so you can develop your game knowledge and use it in all aspects of the game.