Commentated Sejuani Game - Patch 5.10 Current (Length: 57.42)

High-Elo Sejuani game played and commentated by a Challenger jungle. Goes over my runes, masteries, thoughts going into the game, and playstyle during the game and shows you the strategies and decisions required to turn a game that you've fallen behind into a win, carrying your teammates!

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Aleksey commentates a high-Elo Sejuani game, showing you how to apply strategies necessary to become a good and effective jungler.

This VOD goes over all of my thoughts and explains my decisions throught a game in order to help you understand the proper mindset and technique required to become a better Jungler.

In this game, our bottom lane gets crushed fairly hard, which puts us at a significant disadvantage. I show and explain how to deal with a losing lane, prevent the enemy from snowballing, play around your strengths, and turn the game around, leading your team to a victory!

57:42 Video of a 45 minute game

Ally: Sejuani Jungle, Diana top, Ahri mid, Vayne/Nami bot.
Enemy: Volibear Jungle, Hecarim top, Morgana mid, Corki/Taric bot,