Commentated Fiddlesticks Game - 5.10 Current (Length: 48:53)

Masters/Challenger Elo game played by Fiddles main with over 2.5k on him. Goes over my runes, masteries, thoughts going into the game, and playstyle during the game and shows you the strategies and decisions required to gain an advantage, maintain that advantage, and grab a victory from a game that seems lost at champ select.

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Aleksey commentates a high-Elo Fiddlesticks game, showing you his playstyle that carried him to Challenger playing only Fiddle.

This VOD goes over all of my thoughts and explains my decisions throught a game in order to help you understand the proper mindset and technique required to become a better Jungler.

Although the enemy team comp is much better than our's and a single mistake can cost us the game, I'll show you how to gain and maintain an advantage and translate it into a victory.


Ally: Fiddle Jungle, Aatrox top, Diana mid, Ezreal/Lulu bot
Enemy: Vi Jungle, Vladimir top, Kassadin mid, Corki/Nami bot