Commentated Nunu Game - Patch 5.10 Current (Length: 42:43

Nunu jungle game commentated by a Challenger Jungler. Explains the strategies and decisions that go into solo carrying a game and getting the most out of Nunu.

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This VOD goes over all of my thoughts and explains my decisions throught a game in order to help you understand the proper mindset and technique required to become a better Jungler.

In this game, I show how to find the best lane to gank and apply constant pressure to major in-game threats. Also, I demonstrate how and when to counterjungle effeciently.

Ultimately, every soloQ game will be different but this one features a lot of elements you may encounter, such as losing lanes, fed assassins, falling behind in dragons, losing towers/inhibitors, and how to react to them via defensive play, smart/timely warding, capitalization, and proper itemization.


Ally: Nunu Jungle, Xin Zhao Top, Fizz Mid, Caitlyn/Nami Bottom

Enemy: Udyr Jungle, Renekton Top, Zed Mid, Draven/Leona Bottom

The game was 37 minutes long and the VOD is 43 minutes long.