Analysis of Jungle Amumu Match around Silver V MMR

Challenger analyzing a client's Jungle Amumu replay around Silver V MMR pointing out common mistakes and how to improve upon them and carry games.

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In this 48-minute video I analyze the replay of a 38-minute long Jungle Amumu game a client sent me. The average MMR is roughly low silver and I go over any issues I see in the gameplay and apply my hundreds of hours of coaching experience to offer solutions or alternatives of how to improve his gameplay.

If you're looking to improve your jungling and are around bronze/silver, I would suggest watching this video as it goes over common lower-elo mistakes and can help you even if you may not be interested in playing Amumu.

I end up covering aspects such as

  • effecient jungle pathing
  • proper aggressive play
  • how to know where and when to gank
  • good item builds
  • wave control
  • vision control
  • and much more.

If you'd like me to do an analysis like this of one of your replays, email [email protected] or contact one of the admins of Lolboost and let them know you want to have me analyze one of your replays.

Alternatively, you can purchase it via paypal by sending the money to [email protected] and adding a note saying: Aleksey replay analysis.